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Simply Hymn Vol.2 - Neville Peter

This CD Simply Hymn Volume 2 has certainly been a labor of love. When I began recording back in the fall of 2009, I had no idea of the challenges I would face. I thought that I would be done long before the beginning of January 2010, but God has caused me to learn by experience that nothing worth having comes easily and that most of our joys appear on the other side of our trials. I encountered several obstacles in the making of this CD. It is only because of God's grace which allowed me to persevere that I was able to finish this project. As a result, I feel a special bond with this CD and with all of the hymns on it.

The hymns on volume 1 were hymns I sang in church as a boy and the hymns that God used to draw me to himself. I grew up hearing and singing many of the hymns on volume 2 as well, but after twelve years on this Christian journey I have learned to appreciate them much more. It is fascinating to me to realize after carefully considering the words of these hymns, that I share the experience of many of the hymn writers.

More Love to Thee, Be Thou My Vision and Draw me Nearer are prayers I have prayed many times. It should have been my head bearing the crown of thorns, but because of His great love his Sacred Head bore that scornful crown for me and because of the blood streaming from that sacred Head his hands and his feet I can say It Is Well with my Soul. After suffering two hard drive lock ups, one computer burning out completely and having to rerecord parts of the CD, I can say that I've experienced Him as my Shelter in the time of storm. Now I can say I know what Jesus meant when he Said "sufficient unto the day is the evil there of." As I walk with him Day By Day I have learned through my own personal trials that he is the Love That Will Not Let Me Go. When I behold him in all his holiness it is easy to realize how much of a sinner I am, but by faith I know he began a perfect work in me and is faithful to complete it. Because of my faith in his redeeming power I can sing Redeemed How I Love to Proclaim It! Because I love him and because I am zealous for his kingdom, I have been commissioned to prepare the world for his soon return and so I ask Are you Ready for Jesus to come? Sometimes I wish his coming could be tomorrow, next month or next year. When I see all that is going on in this old world the words of John echo in my heart, "Even so come Lord Jesus!" But Until Then I intend to proclaim his goodness, mercy, love, and soon return.

Dear friend as you listen, be blessed. I pray that as you listen you will have a personal encounter with God, one that would bring you further down the path of the just which shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

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