Look Up Coming Soon!

Look Up Coming SoonLook Up is a collection of songs performed and written by Neville Peter. Enjoy soft and sacred music with a touch of soul. Neville says “Our world today is filled with many uncertainties. Economists are worried about the world economy and for most of the leaders in this country and around the world; war is never an option to be taken off the table.


Even some unbelievers have speculated that we the human race will self-destruct if we don’t figure out how to get along with each other. In addition to all of our social perplexities, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense. If you watch the national or international news at any given time, it is not hard to notice that many of the commentators and pundits are searching for solutions to these problems.

But those who believe in the blessed hope and the soon return of Jesus, should be encouraged by these events. The reason is that Jesus said when we see these things, we should look up because our redemption is near. This is the reason why I decided to call my latest work Look Up.“